Friday, March 19, 2010

Krokus ... New Yarn, New Day

After knitting Krokus for about 40 rows or so, the stripes were evident. Even though I love this Almaza tencel from Just Our Yarn, it doesn't work for this intricate doily. I'll save it for a shawl with an all-over stitch pattern. I was hoping for a more subtle, watercolor effect, but it wasn't happening.

I switched to my blue
Yubina cashmere/silk. This is the same yarn I reviewed a while back, when I was swatching for the Princess Shawl. The Yubina is a little shiny and springy. It's superfine, a lot more delicate than the tencel. I'm still using size US0 needles. The start was a bit fiddly, but these Darn Pretty Needles made it much easier than my old steel DPNs.

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Mereknits said...

Beautiful choice of yarn.