Monday, June 16, 2008


I had read about Yubina on Fleegle's blog. This Mongolian cashmere can be ordered only online. If I hadn't heard of the positive experiences of others, I probably would not have ordered, because there is no address or direct contact information on the website, except for an email address.

But on the plus side, the website offers a variety of weights, colors and blends. So far, the reviews of other bloggers have been great.

I was at work on Wednesday when my hubby called and told me a curious little package had arrived with Chinese stamps on it. He said it looked too small and felt a little too heavy to be yarn. Hmmm ... if they had shipped me a box of rocks, I would be mad, to say the least!

When I got home from work that day, I barely had enough time to scoop up the box and my knitting bag to hurry over to my knitting pal Nina's house for knit night. When she opened the door, I held up the unopened box reverently, and she instantly knew what I had brought for show-and-tell.

I had ordered the yarn on May 26. On May 30, I received an email from Jeremy at Yubina that the yarn had shipped. The package arrived on June 11. That's 16 days -- not bad for going halfway around the world and through customs.

Nina handed me a box knife and I carefully cut open the package. The tension was palpable. Would it be a box of joy or disappointment?

Gasps all around -- joy!

The purple is 50 grams, 500 yds per ball, 100% cashmere. The color is heathery; it looks like dark and light purple mixed together. You can't really tell how heathery from the photos on the Yubina website. It's super soft and squishy, and would make a lovely shawl.

The blue is 45% cashmere and 50% silk. The other 5% I'm assuming is some sort of synthetic binder, but the website does not state. The yarn comes without labels or care instructions directly from the manufacturer.

In some cases, they have stopped shipping 50 gram balls, and instead are shipping the 125 gram cones. I had ordered 100 grams (two balls) of the blue, but got a cone instead -- so I got a little extra for no charge.

On closer inspection, I found that the blue is a three-ply yarn. Two of the plies are a soft baby blue, and one ply is a similar but slightly brighter blue (probably the silk ply). The combination has depth, and I'm extremely pleased with this choice. In fact, I swatched this weekend for the Princess Shawl from Heirloom Knitting. This yarn is definitely a possibility. I like the tight twist and the smoothness. I don't think I want anything too fuzzy or springy for Princess. The silk adds a nice shine and drape. I love this stuff!

One thing I know for sure: I will not use my Inox greys with this yarn. I tried swatching with a 2mm (US 0) needle, and the Inox tips were definitely not sharp enough. The Addi Lace or Hiya Hiya needles are good choices. I have some of each brand, but the Inox was the first one I grabbed.

I knit a swatch from one of the Princess charts, 20 sts by 30 rows. I washed it under cool water in the sink, squeezed it in a towel and pinned it out to dry. As I was pinning, I started thinking about blocking the grand Princess Shawl when it's completed.

First of all, look how many pins! This is just a swatch! I'm going to need a zillion pins when I block the shawl. Of course, I have about a year or so before I have to do that.
I'm going to get some gardening knee pads for that job.

I do have blocking wires (actually welding rods) and a big rolled up piece of berber carpet in the garage that I use just for blocking large pieces of lace, but the Princess may be bigger than that.



z's momma said...

ooh. I've resisted Yubina so far, but that sure is pretty. Of course I instantly ran over to the site to see all the lovelies. The blue that you got is #312? Beautiful.

Laritza said...

Make sure and read about the mistakes we have found in the Princess pattern AND the modifications on the number of points I made. I think they will make your life easier. Go to my blog:
"Thoughts on Princess" Have fun!

Jane said...

That swatch looks terrific! I have been curious about the Yubina yarns as well. Looks like you did really well. I think Princess would look great in that blue yarn.

OceanKnitter said...

z's momma -
Yep, you got it right! I may sample some other yarns before I pick one for this project, but this is a contender.

laritza -
I've been monitoring the Princess Diaries on Ravelry and keeping my eye out for tips! Thanks for the advice!

jane -
I'm happy with the swatch, and the yarn is lovely, with good stitch definition. Ordering was easy and it came fast -- I just wish the yarn photos on the website were better.

Bekka said...

I am so angry at Yubina I could spit. I ordered my yarn back in October, hoping to get it in time to make Christmas presents. Unfortunately, even after several attempts at resolution, I have YET to receive my yarn. They have my money, have not refunded it, and I still don't have what you all are raving about. I will never shop with Yubina again. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

OceanKnitter said...

Thanks for the update on your experience with Yubina. I haven't ordered from them since 2008. It's good to find out their current status in case anyone wants to order from them now, in 2013 (five years after this blog post).
If you hear from them, please do post again and let us know the result. Good luck, and sorry you're having this trouble.

Anonymous said...

I have just experienced the same bad experience in October 2014 as Oceanknitter. Do not order from them, Jeremy emailed me as well over a month ago amid still no yarn, If it ever comes I will be completely surprised

Anonymous said...

I would like to let you know that I ordered from Yubina in 2009 and was happy with the yarn I received (shipping took a long time but I expected it).

In 2015 I placed a large order and never received it. It looks like this store is no longer in business. However, they are still happily accepting your money. I tried to contact the store using multiple emails (the one listed on Yubina store, the one listed in Paypal, the one I had from my 2009 order) and never received a response.

I saw a recent review on some web site with a similar experience and would like to warn those of you who are considering buying yarn from this store.

Kay Win said...

I am not very happy with Yubina. I ordered some cashmere-silk yarn in January 2016. It took my money via paypal and I have not received my yarn. I sent two emails to and no reply . Finally I talked to Paypal coustomer service and complain. Paypal is waiting for the seller's response. If the seller does not respond Paypal will refund my money.
This was my second order. The first order went well. I was reluctant to place an order at first, but I did after reading your blog.
Never again!
Kay Win
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada