Monday, January 01, 2007

Puntas Sweater at Mach 5

The baby shower invitation arrived two weeks before Christmas. My cousins were throwing the shower on 12/28.

I thought, "I've made baby sweaters in two weeks before ... no problem."

Well ... this one came down to the wire. Considering all the Christmas shopping, cooking and visiting, it's not surprising that I was finishing it up the day before the shower!

My cousin is the recipient of this Puntas Sweater, the pattern slightly modified from the Green Mountain Spinnery book.

The colors are magenta, spring green and light brown -- beautiful bright colors for a baby girl.

The "puntas" or points are the pointy things around the edges of the sweater and hat. I thought the puntas looked darling on the hat; they made the brim curl up just a bit. But on the sweater, I thought they looked a bit too curly, so I added a row of single crochet to tame the bottom ruffle.

The sweater has little green and brown accents near the cuffs, neck and puntas. The hat has similar accents and a brown "stem" at the top.

I like this pattern mainly for its simplicity and charm. It's easy to modify if you have the urge. The body is done on one circular and the sleeves and neck are finished with dpns. I made the hat with dpns, too.

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KnitNana said...

How adorable! The color is wonderful!