Saturday, February 04, 2012


I have recently been introduced to Pinterest, an online bulletin board of images collected from around the web. It is completely addictive.

The way it works:

You sign up.

You create one, two, five or 100 Pinterest boards for pinning your favorite images from around the web.

You add a Pinterest button to your browser search bar.

Hyrna Herbogar knitted by that Logan Chick
Then, every time you find a lovely image you want to pin to your board, you PIN it using the Pinterest button. The image appears on your board. Clicking the image takes you to the page where you found it. It's great for queuing up future projects. (I added the above image to my board.)

You can follow others' Pinterest boards, so you get to see what everyone you know is pinning. And others can follow your boards.

My Pinterest handle (name) is: OceanKnitter.