Thursday, January 24, 2013


While roaming around on Ravelry, I noticed a lovely pattern called Dreambird, based on the Swing Knitting fad that has leapt from Europe to America.  So popular is this soon-to-be-ubiquitous, short-row technique that all of the Swing Knitting classes at Stitches West are sold out. (I am on the waitlist for either a Saturday or Sunday class.)

Silly me, I latched onto the Dreambird pattern as soon as I saw it.
Photo: Nadita Swings
Pretty bird!  The designer started a KAL and offered the pattern at a reduced price until the end of February.  I couldn't resist.  I downloaded it and paid all of 3.50 EUR. No biggie, right?

The pattern was originally written in German, I believe.  Then it was translated into English, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, etc.  Thankfully, the designer speaks English rather fluently, but with the weird quirks that come from learning English as a second or third language. Some of the original English-speaking KAL members are frustrated and some have dropped out.  I am now patiently waiting for a promised pattern update that will decipher the pattern's now infamous turn-by-turn instructions.  The designer is very responsive, and I do believe she will address all issues.

My simple beginning has turned into the elephant in my knitting bag, demanding attention, yet I'm trying to ignore it in favor of finishing the Evenstar shawl, at least until the pattern update is released.

Swing knitting aficionados are enamored with the use of pins to mark the turns in their work. These can be especially important when creating the more complicated swing pieces you may have already seen popping up on knitting websites and in magazines. For the Dreambird, they are not especially critical, but they are a good introduction to the use of pins to mark the German short-row turns.

My humble beginning:


Mereknits said...

Oh my is it gorgeous, good luck.

Jana's Indigo Moon said...

I found you via ravelry and then a search for those doing the dreambird shawl.

I just have to say that your knitting is simply amazing!! You must have a lifetime of experience in knitting.

I knit very little, but can crochet up a storm!

zippiknits said...

That is the most beautiful shawl I've seen in an age.

Your exhibit pieces remind me of the ladies who used to give demos at the San Diego Country Fair. Their knitted table cloths were an inspiration to me but I found them too difficult to do.

Dolores said...

I just purchased the pattern and am planning on knitting this. Yours is beautiful. Do you mind if I occasionally email for consults? Not sure about this "double stitch". Perhaps you could speak to it?

Dolores Coyle

Anonymous said...

that dreambird shawl pattern is so HORRIBLY written, that even a professor can not decipher it. NO and i repeat NO response from the designer, as to what in the blazes id she talking about, NO refund, NO NOTHING.