Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Balmoral Thistle

Balmoral Thistle is being blocked for entry in the San Mateo County Fair.

I was concerned near the end that I would run out of thread.  Halcyon Yarn, who produced the 10/2 tencel, no longer carries this weight.  They do have 8/2, a little heavier.  I was so nervous about possibly needing to procure extra yarn, it was giving me agida, as my mom would have said.  I believe this is Calabrese slang for heartburn (acido, or acid). So, as most knitters do when faced with running out of yarn, I knit faster. 

On the last pattern row, I felt a bit of relief, but I still had to crochet off.  I put in a lifeline, just in case, and began the process of crocheting off all those tiny stitches.  I made it to the end with only this little bit of thread left.  I don't think it's enough for even one more round.


Mereknits said...

I think you are going to win first place, it is beautiful.

Sandra said...

Finning out of yarn?? I had a complex heirloom shawl with discontinued yarn also. Finished with THREE inches of yarn left!!!