Monday, July 23, 2012

Krokus at the California State Fair 2012

At the California State Fair Awards Ceremony

Last weekend was the California State Fair awards ceremony. Paul and I had decided to attend when I received a notice in the mail that my blue Krokus, a table center designed by Herbert Niebling, had won First Place, Best of Class and Best of Division. I was so excited! Paul and my friends Nora and Jeanne and I trooped through the blistering heat of the Fair together.

Due to this extreme heat in Sacramento, the awards ceremony was not well-attended. Even though the awards were held in the morning at 10 a.m., the temperature was already up, around 90 degrees F. By the afternoon, it was over 100, and people were wilting.

Krokus won two ribbons!
My category was Other Fiber Arts, which included lace (knitted, crocheted and all others), tatting and weaving.The competition was stiff. Overall, the exhibit classes had attracted 4,500 entrants this year. I don't know how that compares with other years, as this was my first time entering.

The Master of Ceremonies cracked a few jokes and handed out the 20 Golden Bear trophies to the Best of Show winners. The other winners got ribbons. No trophies for me this year, but maybe next time. I was happy with my two ribbons!

The Golden Bear Trophy
The youth awards were the most inspiring. A 10-year-old girl sitting in front of us won a Golden Bear trophy for youth photography -- the smile on her face was priceless!

The Best of Show winner: a crochet table covering
The Best of Show in the overall Fiber Arts category was a crocheted lace table center. It was a beauty!

Announcing the special awards inside the Exhibit Hall
We stepped inside to view some exhibits and shop. Nora got a tarot reading, and I bought a photo frame for Ellie's picture and some salsa seasoning.

JD's special Salsa Seasoning

At first I was skeptical of this seasoning from Minnesota, but it's really good, and can be used for dips or salsa or seasoning meat or veggies.

Two lovely shawls

The green Estonian lace shawl on the left was beautiful, but it was hard to see the stitchwork because of the way it was draped.  I felt the same about the way mine was displayed.  It would have been nice to see all the detail, with the lace spread out over a table.

Another beautiful shawl

More beautiful work

The large quilt is made entirely of silk ties
Spanish Peacock from A Gathering of Lace, Meg Swansen
Did I say it was hot?  It was HOT! and I don't mean hot from the salsa.  It was difficult to enjoy the agriculture and farm animal exhibits outdoors.  In the Livestock Nursery, I saw some Jacobs lambs, only a few days old. 

We decided to have lunch in restaurant at Arden Fair Mall rather than swelter outside and eat Fair food.  Ahh, air conditioned relief!

Nora and Jeanne headed back to the city, and Paul and I checked into Le Rivage Hotel next to the Sacramento River.  We had a lovely view, but it was impossible to sit outside on the balcony for more than a few minutes in the heat.

I will never complain about fog again. :)


Jane said...

Congratulations Sandy! First time at the State Fair and you bring home two ribbons! Well done. --Jane

panavia999 said...

Here is the pattern for the winning crocheted centrepiece:

Laritza said...

Congratulations! There a number ofbeautiful pieces I had forgotten about ....the peacocks!

OceanKnitter said...

Thanks for the link to the crochet center pattern. I love that crochet charts are standardized, pretty much. I wish knitting charts were more like that, but with variations in symbols throughout different publications, countries, and time periods, you almost have to be code expert to figure them all out.