Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Deadline

Now that I've completed a gigantic lace project (too secret to tell here), I'm back to Haruni and very happy to have no deadline looming. I've still got Krokus on the needles, and I'll get back to it shortly thereafter.

The good thing about completing a big project is that I feel such a sense of relief and accomplishment, that anything that follows is a pleasure.  After all, knitting should always be a pleasure.  When I'm knitting, I feel grateful to be able to read tiny pattern charts, to sit comfortably in my favorite chair and knit long rows of stitches, to have a colorful stash of yarn and pattern choices, and to have friends with whom I share my love of knitting.  I'm also grateful for the camaraderie of Ravelry and my knitting groups, the conventions and events I attend, and the other online communities who share their knowledge and friendship.

For now, on a peaceful Sunday, I knit for joy.

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Adrienne said...

there were rumors at the April FS meeting. Can you post a pic there?