Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Remember me?

Wow, it's December! Where did November go? Much knitting has been in progress including two baby sweaters and the swatch pictured here. No baby sweater photos as yet, but hope to have some soon.

This lacy swatch was completed on November 1, and since then I've been working on the _____ ______ ______ which will be completed by the end of this week. I'm very happy with the pattern. It's fun and a bit challenging. I'm fascinated by the way this lacy pattern twists and turns and still knits a straight path.

Can you guess what I'm making? Bonus points if you know the name of this lace pattern or the designer. More photos to come, as I am almost finished with this project.

This past Saturday, I was planning to go to the Lacis Lace Knitting Group meeting in Berkeley, but something happened and BART went awry, so ... we went to Nine Rubies in San Mateo instead.

What a great place! Nina and I must have touched every type of yarn in the shop. The woman who helped us (not the owner) was very knowledgable and gave good advice. It was rather busy, with a class in the back room and several knitters occupying the seating in the "living room" area.

I wasn't really in the market to buy any new yarn, but just try to stop me when I incessantly fondle something new. Cascade Venezia is 70% wool and 30% silk. It's absolutely luscious, soft, and has a gorgeous sheen. The silk gives the color depth, and I was swimming in it before I decided to purchase a few skeins with which to experiment. I like the indestructible shopping bags the store provides with purchase -- great for use as auxiliary project totes.

I promise not to be so silent this month!

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z's momma said...

I have no clue as to what you're knitting, but that is one lovely swatch. I need to make some bookmarks and that would be a very cool bookmark pattern.

You got some lovely yarns. If you HAD gone to Lacis, you would have likely spent more $$ since they got in more lace pamphlets and some great books.

Hope to see you in January!