Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blocking Lyra

Lyra is finished and being blocked! After many, many days of following an insanely intricate chart, Lyra is finally on the blocking board. I came back from vacation intending to finish it up and spent the better part of this Saturday crocheting the edging, weaving in the loose ends, and pinning it out. My blocking board is about an inch too small in height, so I'm going to have to unpin it after it's dry, give it a quarter turn, and pin out just the center points on two sides.

I'm only posting a few blocking photos now, just to give a sneak peek. As you can see, this is the square version. Does it look square to you? I'm not worried about the shape. Of all the finished Lyras I've seen, it seems to be blocking out just fine. It's my Lyra!

My only advice in blocking Lyra is this: banish the trepidation and go for it! It's scary to look at a fluffy, frilly pile of unblocked lace. With the pins in place, and the lace blooming, you really begin to appreciate the fruit of your labor.

You'll think I'm crazy, but after seeing this completed, I really want to start another Niebling pattern! I'm not sure which one yet. I've got Krokus, Blutenkranze, Eichel and Ruth, and possibly a couple of others.

Niebling ... so addictive ...


styledbykristin said...

Wow. That is so beautiful! I'm anxious to see the finished, full sized photos, too.



Dympna said...


KnitNana said...

Takes my breath away. It's just did a beautiful job!

Hillary said...

It is stunning, especially at the center where the stems all come together. Would love to see a photo of it being worn. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely stunning. I can't imagine being sane enough to even block this after knitting it. Don't you want the whole world to know??? I would. Congratulations!!


Dawn said...

Your Lyra is absolutely stunning! I've been wanting to knit her for a very long time. Only problem is I can't find the pattern. I've been desperately searching for it for a long time! Do you know where I can find one to purchare? Or even consider selling yours?

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide in my search!

Dawn Tucker