Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bad omen

Many comments and emails later from concerned knitizens ... I'm thinking ... are they right? Are 60,000+ stitches too many to contemplate? Can I finish Lyra by Labor Day? I would need to dedicate myself to my Lyra. I would need to dedicate about an hour a day. I'm a competent lace knitter, accomplished in some aspects. But is it too insane?

More numbers ...

With 90 days, I'd need to produce about 666 stitches per day -- an obviously bad omen. To be more realistic, let's guess that I'd skip 30 of those days in favor of other pursuits. That would give me 60 days to knit 1,000 stitches per day. I'll be frank ... it's the chart that makes me dizzy and bugeyed. Many, many, teeny, tiny squares and symbols.

At this moment, I'm still with Lyra. I'm giving her a fighting chance (and me, too).

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